with Bee

Live cello soundscapes for intimacy, play space, movement, & touch.

“You skilfully guided us to wonder whether our moving bodies were creating the music, or was it the music creating the movement of the bodies? The effect was magical and the atmosphere electric.”

Hello, I’m Bee…

 A skilled and experienced improvising cellist, who plays while you do.

I weave sound and space into an ever-changing, lusciously unique piece of music using the full range of my gorgeous instrument: deep long low tones, earthy rhythms, and soaring melodies.

Everything is made in the moment, responding to the changing energies of people and place, and a dash of my own cheeky playfulness.

I’m based on the south coast of England and very happy to travel.

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"What a gift! There is nothing like having Bee’s music respond to the energy, movements, and sense of the room – it’s dynamic and so, so supportive.”

Workshop participant

"One of my most magical moments at our gathering - a beautifully spontaneous movement and music duo with both of us connected through a deep listening to the emergence of the present moment. A true joy!"

Daniel J Hayes, Touch & Play founder

Bee has brought her sensual cello playing to all sorts of delightful pleasure-filled spaces: Liquid Love, Touch & Play, private ritual / temple spaces. She has also played extensively in her vanilla life for the BBC, and at venues as diverse as Sydney Opera House, Glastonbury, and Supersonic Festival.

Where will you invite her next?